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Jeanette Caines -  Hollow Formed Beads
March 9 - 10,  2024

Join us for this two day class where students will join Jeanette and learn the ancient art of die making hollow beads! Jeanette has  been working on this reclamation of ancient technology project for the last three years and her brand new, hollow-form dies from the Queen Puabi Collection are ready to debut in the studio. She will teach you how to use them to make gorgeous hollow beads, just as the ancient goldsmiths did. There isn't any complicated equipment required, just a leather mallet, one of the new dies, annealing, and 30-26 gauge sheet in either copper, fine silver or 22k gold.




KIT FEE:  $175 + Varies depending on die price 

PRE-REQUISITES: Basic jewelry skills

LOCATION:      Armory Art Center

811 Park Place

West Palm Beach FL 33401

TIME:  9:30 am - 4:30 pm EST

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